Timing is important


When a friend or family member is going through a challenging time you just want to reach out and help. This is one of the reasons why I set up the business, Happetite Food.

In these times when life is really challenging it can be difficult to know how to help and the best timing. Let’s take one of my own personal experiences as an example. When I lost my grandfather it was a very sad time for family. He was an amazing man and although he lived to the ripe old age of 94 his passing was a huge loss to our family, friends and community.

On the day of my grandfather’s passing and for the couple of days afterwards my grandmother received dozens of bunches of flowers, wreaths and bouquets. We just didn’t have enough vases for them all and although my grandmother and mother were very grateful to all who sent these gifts and kind gestures one of the most practical items that was sent to the house was a platter of food.

At the time my family bonded together to arrange funeral details, grieve and share stories of what a wonderful man he was. The platter that was delivered was perfect to share with the many family members and visitors that came to visit on those first few days. The timing of this gift of food was perfect.

What really surprised me was that a few weeks after the funeral when the flowers started to die and the visitors reduced the reality really set in. My grandmother was on her own and the grieving stage had only just begun.
I often get asked when is a good time to send people a food gift? Whether the occasion is a new baby, illness or bereavement I often suggest that the best timing is a few weeks after as this is often the hardest time for the recipient and moment when a home cooked meal is most needed.

My grandfather’s passing and a couple of other times in my life are the reason I started my business, Happetite Food. It was really hard to watch my grandmother go through this and as much as all our family chipped in and cooked her some meals, I know this is not possible for everyone and also quite hard to do when you are managing work and family.

The reality is, a gift of a home cooked meal is always a lovely gesture and something that nurtures and soothes someone in need. Next time you are sending a package maybe consider the timing of the delivery to ensure they know someone is thinking of them even after the flowers have died and visitors have gone.

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