THE MUMMY JUGGLE – its real..

So lets make it a team sport

Sleep in or get up and exercise? A daily battle in my brain. I know the exercise makes me feel better but as a sleep deprived mother of 3 it can be challenging after a broken nights sleep to get the motivation to get up and get going.

Having our third child has definitely changed my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids to bits but life is now a never ending “To do list” and a whole new level of mess and noise in the house.

I shouldn’t complain. I am #blessed to have 3 healthy kids, yes 3 energetic boys aged 7,6 and 18 months and I am in start up stage of my business, Happetite Food that I absolutely love and am passionate about.People ask how I manage it, and honestly I have no idea, I don’t know any different, it’s the mummy and business juggle and its real. All I can suggest is find your tribe, ditch the guilt and build in some short cuts and some fun.

There are some days where I feel like super mum. I’ve made a meal, put 3 loads of washing on, done my exercise and got kids ready for school all by 8am. Yee ha to me. Other days I feel like I cant get enough caffeine into me (or it isn’t working anymore – maybe I need to switch to doubles shots of coffee?). I put the keys in the freezer, eat cheese and crackers for a meal and just want to crawl up on the lounge and watch Netflix all day and ignore all the chores and to do’s.

Motherhood – any way you participate in it is a juggle and can be crazy at times.

I’ve often wondered who it is easier for. Working mums, stay at home mums, mums with nannies, mums with au pairs, mums with amazing grandparents that look after kids? The reality is, its just not easy and everyone is participating in their own crazy little dance of juggling motherhood, while trying to keep a level of sanity.

After 3 kids I have come to realise that motherhood is not a competition but best played as a team sport. If we as mums can support each other any way we can then it makes all our lives a little easier. Supporting, rather than competing with those around us makes the journey a little more fun, a little easier and shows our kids that asking for help is ok and helping others is encouraged. 

I have recently moved to a lovely part of Sydney that has a very unique supportive community. As first I was a little skeptical about it, I couldn’t quite figure out why people wanted to help me out when they didn’t even know me. I have to admit I was a little stand-off-ish at first but once I started to get involved and help out others as well as them helping me, I realized that supporting those around you is not only beneficial for your family, your mental health and your family, it is also fun. Why be the mater and try and get it all done on your own when the people around you are juggling with the same battles.

Tap into your community, ask for help, give help and see what happens. From someone that was at first a little skeptical I can now admit that I love sharing the journey with my local community mums and having a laugh at “those days”. 

Motherhood – the juggle is real but it is so much more fun when you make it a team sport !!!

Written by Monique Treder, mum of 3 boys and owner of Happetite Food, sending gifts of food to the people you care about.