September 2019

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Ausmumpreneur Award Finalist

When Monique Treder found herself juggling two young children overseas with a lack of support from close family and friends, a kind gesture changed something in her.

“Someone I hardly knew turned up at my door with a home cooked meal and some baked treats,” said Monique “I was blown away.”

After that, Monique recognised that in…….. Continue reading


August 2019

Why Not Listening to Advice was the Best Path for Me

Many people have theories about how and when and why to start a business. Many of these people, some of which I knew and some complete strangers felt the need to tell me not to start my business, that my timing was wrong and that is was way too risky. They were all right, and yet I did it anyway. So was I not listening or just blinded my passion?

A little bit of background first. I am a mum of 3 young boys aged 8, 6 and almost 2. I started my business with two kids under…..Continue reading

May 2019

Womens Agenda Magazine

Happetite: Why food is a gift that says so much more than flowers


March 2019

Happtite Food featuring in The Healthy Wallet Project

When I heard about Monique and her business I just had to learn more about her, so excited she was keen to take part in this Inspiring Mum blog interview series and help me bring the highs and lows of juggling kids and creating/growing a business.

Monique is mother of 3 and has created Happetite Food Gifts, once you have read her interview you just have to go check out her links!!…. Continue reading

December 2018

The Big Small Business Christmas Party

Some say what warms the belly warms the heart. And this is exactly the case for Monique Treder’s small business, Happetite Food. 

Rather than sending flowers in a time of celebration or sadness, the business offers a tasty alternative for its customers by preparing and delivering feel-good food to families and friends.

Monique knows personally of the positive impact homemade food……Continue reading

April 2017

Q&A with Monique Treder (CEO) –

From juggling a business, to taking care of her two little boys and even preparing for her next child, Monique Treder is really doing it all! Read on to find out what inspired her to start up her unique business, Happetite Food, and how she manages to be a great mum and schedule some “me” time for herself as well.Check it out

April 2017

The happiness of Happetite | a gift for someone in need

We were on the way home from work after a long day arguing about who was going to cook dinner. It came down to a scissor – paper – rock contest and……..I lost! Dragging my feet to the front door with very little motivation to jump in the kitchen, I looked up and there was a big blue box beaming at me!……..Continue reading

Happetitefood featuring in The Mothers Den

One of my favourite things about our Brunches is the incredible women that fill the room. Women who are looking to change and disrupt inefficient practices based on their own experiences.

Recently, I was lucky enough to meet Monique Treder, founder of Happetite Food. I am so in love with her business and the idea of being able to send a warm meal as a gift to……Continue reading

July 2016

ellaslist’s New Mum Feels Good About Her Happetite Food Gift

I love food, good wholesome, nutritious, home-cooked food. Cooking however, has gone out the window since having my second baby who… DOESNOT. DO. DAYTIMESLEEP! Life in our household has been complete chaos since this cute little insomniac entered our lives six months ago!

A recent return to part-time work, has added a whole new dimension to domestic mayhem, so I was pretty ecstatic when I discovered I would be receiving the gift of a Happetite Food hamper to ….Continue reading

March 2016

Forget flowers, send comfort meals to grieving or to help new mums – The Daily Telegraph

A MUM has launched a new business which allows people to send home-cooked comfort food to friends and family in moments of celebration or sadness – instead of the traditional bunch of flowers.

Monique Treder, 37, from North Balgowlah, said when she was living in New Zealand, someone she didn’t know very well delivered a home-cooked meal to ….Continue reading