To Gift Voucher or Not???

Thoughts on Gift Vouchers?

I am sure I am not the only person that has a few expired Gift Vouchers sitting in one of their drawers at home.
When you receive a Gift Voucher it is always with great excitement and pleasure and I cannot quite figure out why I, and a great percentage of the population fail to redeem them within the validity period.
When I started up my company, Happetite Food I decided that our Gift vouchers wouldn’t have an expiry date on them. I believe if someone has spent the time and money choosing a gift voucher for you then you should have plenty of time to decide when to use it.
Last year I was gifted a voucher for a facial to a beauty salon. My birthday happened to fall two weeks after my third son was born so there was no way I was getting to the beauty salon in those first few months with a newborn baby. When I did manage to get around to checking out the voucher and calling them up to book it I realised it had a 6 month validity and was out of date, needless to say I was extremely disappointed to hear this and I am sure the person who gave it to me would have actually liked me to enjoy what they had gifted.
Formerly it was up to the business to set a validity date on their Gift Vouchers, but since the start of 2018 the legislation has changed. Now a Gift voucher has a minimum of 2 years validity and some even have a buffer period that you can still redeem them for a month or so after the expiry date.
I was so happy to hear this as I think it is only fair for the consumer to be given a greater amount of time to redeem this gift that has been paid for but not yet redeemed.
I can also see this from the point of view of a small business owner having too many outstanding gift vouchers can cause problems with balancing the books and stock but this can be seen as an opportunity to check in with your customers and encourage them to use their vouchers before they expire. I know as a customer that this level of customer service would really impress me and I would spread the word about what a great company they were.
Unfortunately I missed out on the facial early this year but with the new legislation in place from March 2018, myself and a great deal many other consumers will now be given a much longer period of time to enjoy our gift vouchers and maybe even get a little bit of “me time”.

If you have any questions about Gift Vouchers, the legislation about them or a Happetite Gift Voucher please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Monique @ Happetite Food Gifts