Capes and Masks off. Goodbye Supermums and hello honesty..

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Supermums, mums who have it all together, overachievers and just the super super organised. Titles like these build expectations in our minds of what we “should “ be. Enough already with the titles, superhero capes and masks.
Let’s start by being real and honest with each other – it will make all our lives a little more manageable.


As mothers and business owners we all have days where the house is filthy, we feed our family cheese on toast for dinner, there is a little too much tv watched and the washing pile is so big it takes over an entire room. So what? Days like these happen and we should just open up about them and laugh. If we could just admit that some days the business (aka the other child) takes priority over other tasks and laugh about it, then we would stop putting so much unwanted pressure on ourselves to keep up this façade of supermums who have it all “under control”.

In my head I had this idyllic vision of what it would be like once I had set up and was operating my company Happetite Food. I envisioned myself being fit and active, having a beautiful clean house, feeding my children a vast selection of healthy and amazing meals, being in complete control of my growing business as well as be a great mum, daughter, sister, friend, neighbour and all the other hats we wear. I had a lot to learn.

Some days these tasks can be achieved and others they cannot. Why do we set ourselves such high expectations? Expectations set by ourselves, rather than others, which are often so high that we are destined to let something slip. And then when they slip, in creeps “Mothers ”Guilt. Don’t we all know how that makes you feel!

Enough I say. I am not a super mum. I am just a mum working really hard to grow my business and hitting a few hurdles along the way – hurdles at home and in the business.

I have also come to realise that I have to let that superhero cape go and enjoy the madness, mess and craziness of the journey. So what if the laundry isn’t out. A walk on the beach or a massage is not something I should feel guilty about. It is an essential part of keeping ourselves together as we try and keep all other parts of our lives together.

So how about we take off the masks, the superhero capes and crazy expectations. Lets be real with each other, over a glass of wine or two and laugh about the ups and downs of the rollercoaster journey that is starting and growing a business with kids in tow.

Have an amazing week and I must go as I hear my children and my glass of wine calling to me. X

Written by Monique Treder

Founder of Happetite Food, a gift service delivering tasty comfort meals to families around Sydney, NSW, and ACT.

Taste tester, mum of 2.5 children, and lover of food.

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Why is it so hard to know what to say during times of grief?


Grief: Why do we not know what to do or say at these moments?


The musicians sing about it all the time and their words always seem to sound right so why do most of us struggle with what to say when someone close to us loses someone special.


It is part of humanity that we are born and then die. A sombre topic but even with our closest family and friends we tend not to know how to deal with this situation, what to do or to say to make it better.


In these times most people traditionally send flowers, which is a heartfelt and lovely gesture that you are thinking of them. The unfortunate thing is that when grief sets in people can hardly function so the simple tasks of everyday life get left behind.





This question quite often gets asked on social media support groups and I was really happy to see some great suggestions of support during times of grief. Some of the ideas included: shopping for groceries, getting a cleaner, having meals delivered, writing a card and even just popping around for a cup of tea and some biscuits to let them know you are there.


The reality is that there is not much you can do to take the emotional pain away but to support them during this time, assist with basic daily tasks and give them kinds words to let them know you are there will be the most amazing gift you can give. I have lost a few precious people in my life and I would personally describe it as an aching pain and hurt that you feel all over your body and you wonder if it will ever go away. Now I am not saying that I have the right things to say to people during these difficult times but I do write a lot of beautiful cards on behalf of family and friends supporting each other through these hard times.


A few beautiful words of support to help in these times:

  • Take each day at a time and always know that we are here to support you
  • The belated was a well loved person and their loss will be felt by many
  • In the beginning take little steps and with time they will get bigger
  • Perhaps write about one of your favourite stories about that person to remind then they will be with them in memories. A funny story is always a great way to share a memory
  • We are sorry for your loss and we are there for you
  • I wish I had the right words, just know I care
  • You and your loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers
  • Say nothing, just be there for comfort and a hug



Grief has and will continue to be a hard topic to write about and an even harder one to speak about. It is a sad time in people’s lives but can also be a time of people coming together to support and care for one another.


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Baby Shower Etiquette

I recall before I had my two kids being very excited about my baby shower. A time to rejoice about the upcoming birth of my baby and band together as women supporting each other and of course open lots of gorgeous presents.



If you had read any of the baby magazines before your baby was born you could easily think that you needed to re-mortgage your house to buy all the beautiful items your baby would need. And if you didn’t buy these items and the best quality ones then maybe your newborn would be missing out.



The thought behind a baby shower is really lovely. To help prepare a woman for the big change in her life once the baby arrives. Unfortunately the reality of a baby shower is that it is the next gift registry event that often comes 12 months after your wedding and you get a whole load of pretty adorable but useless gifts.



I was recently having a discussion with a mum of four about what she buys her friends that are having a baby. After four kids she is pretty much the expert on baby gifts and her suggestion really impressed me. She said that most people will buy adorable 0-3 month baby outfits or booties that the newborn might wear once or not at all depending on the size and season, but the gifts that really make an impression are the thoughtful and practical ones that are actually for the mum or to support the mum who often gets forgotten about once the baby arrives.




These gifts include: a voucher to get hair or nails done once the baby has arrived, a voucher for a couple of hours of baby minding while the mum has a few hours of well needed sleep, a voucher for a cleaner to come in and tidy the house, a roster of home made meals delivered by friends or a food delivery gift.



Having two kids myself and 13 months apart I cannot tell you who of my friends gave me baby outfits as gifts but I can definitely tell you who of my friends came to my house with food. I loved them so much at that moment that it brought me to tears, ok I was sleep deprived and a little emotional at the time but it definitely left a lasting impression with me and I was very grateful.



So next time you attend a baby shower, maybe ignore the gift registry list or the traditional gifts and try some of these other suggestions. Yes, not as fun to buy as a gorgeous baby outfit, pair of booties or beanie but I can guarantee your friend will absolutely love you for it.



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Simple and Beautiful Home Made Food Gifts this Christmas

I really enjoy Christmas, the celebrations, the food and the getting together but the part that I don’t like is the commercialisation and that my kids seem to think that Christmas is all about receiving toys. So this year I am getting them involved in one of my favourite Christmas activities, Hand Made gifts – Just Because.


Whether it is for a teacher, a neighbour or a friend. I absolutely love to cook little treats wrap them in cellophane and finish them off with a Christmas ribbon. The simple act of working together to make someone a little food gift that they are not expecting is really special and a ritual I want to encourage my kids to continue.


So this year not only am I sharing this tradition with my kids but also with you. I will put together a regular blog of affordable yet thoughtful gifts that you can make and give to others. The art of gifting is really beautiful and it is amazing how much better it makes you feel to give something that you made by hand than rushing around the overcrowded shopping malls desperately trying to find something that fits within budget and just ticks a box. Play around with beautiful packaging and ribbons to make it really personal to the recipient.



Examples of Food Gifts: 

Some of the Food Gifts that I have made in previous years include: Home Made Limoncello, Spicy rubs and sauces, exfoliants, shortbread, almond biscotti, muesli, chocolate treats and Florentines. Today I will give you my Florentine slice recipe, an easy one to make and always a hit. As long as you minimise the taste testing, this slice stores really well and is a beautiful little gift to make someone feel special this festive season.


Monique’s Christmas Florentine Slice

  • 2 cups of cornflakes
  • Half cup of Oats
  • 1 tsp Lemon Zest
  • 1 tsp Orange Zest
  • Half a cup of  Chopped Apricots
  • Half cup Sultanas
  • 70g Toasted Slivered Almonds
  • 50g Shredded Coconut
  • Quarter cup chopped Pistachios
  • Quarter cup Dried Cranberries
  • 200g Condensed Milk
  • 120g Milk or Dark Chocolate



  1. Preheat oven to 170’. Line 20 x 30cm baking tin with baking paper
  2. Place all ingredients except the chocolate in a glass mixing bowl and stir until well combined
  3. Pour mixture into the tin and spread evenly. Place into the oven for 20-25 minutes until golden. Remove and cool on rack.
  4. Melt chocolate in a bowl over simmering water into a liquid form. Using a spatula, spread chocolate evenly on bottom of slice. Leave to set in fridge.
  5. Cut into muesli bar sized slices.
  6. Place 4 slices in clear cellophane with Christmas ribbon.


Perfect little Christmas treats for friends, family, teachers and neighbours. Bringing back the gift of giving food.


Let me know how you go and please send me some pictures, I love to see that this family recipes is being shared with many. If you have any food gifts that you make each year I would love to hear about them.


Thanks and I’m off to do another Batch of Florentine Slice. Enjoy


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The Gift of Giving ~ How To Make A Difference When Life Keeps Getting In The Way

We all like to think that we are charitable people, we feel good when we give and make people smile. We drop our loose change into collection buckets, we support local cause days by dressing our kids up and sending them to school with a gold coin, we might even go as far as organising a fundraiser morning tea or girls’ night in.


But what do you do when you want to give more, and there is nothing left to give? Budgets can pull tightly at purse strings, family life can inhibit our ability to commit time to extra projects, and quite frankly, some of us just don’t know where to start.


With the science of the benefits of gifting well documented, and something we care immensely about here at Happetite, this month’s blog discusses how you can lift someone’s spirit with charitable giving, when there are everyday hurdles holding you back.




Time poor? 

For those of us with busy careers, homes, children or a combination of the lot, time is a rare and precious commodity. We often find ourselves prioritising never-ending to do lists, multitasking and juggling heavy workloads because quite simply put, we have too much on our plates as it is.


Charitable giving for those of us with limited time resources can look like many different things. It can look like sponsoring a needy family’s farm animals with a monthly contribution, it can look like online orders of groceries or food gifts for friends who could benefit from someone else doing the thinking for them, or it may look like cash donations to worthy causes.


However you chose to give, be sure that you have done your research and that your charitable acts are not going to impact on your already tight schedule.


Cash poor? 

The concept of giving does not always have to be dollar based – think of volunteering your time at a local soup kitchen, donating unused clothes and toys to a charity store or baking cookies to sell at your next fundraising cake stall. With a little clever thinking and an investment of your time, non-monetary charitable gifts can be just as effective and well received as those involving cheque books.


Don’t know where to start?

I’ve always found that the best place to begin when chosing a charity or cause is to stick with what is close to your heart. It is entirely unnecessary to start at a global level, although it that’s where you want to invest your time and energy, then that is amazing and I’m incredibly proud of you.


For those who would prefer to start small and see how they go, think of the charity that really pulls on your heart strings, the one that has affected you or a loved one personally perhaps. A quick google or call out on your local community Facebook page and I can guarantee you’ll be connected with the right person or resource to get you started in no time.


Still seem too grandiose?

Charity begins at home, and a great idea to give a little back and lift someone’s spirit, is to offer something you have to someone you know needs it. Offer to take your single Mum friends kids for the afternoon to give her a chance to grocery shop alone, bake a sponge cake for your elderly widowed neighbour because she once told you it was her favourite, or offer to walk abandoned dogs at your local rescue centre once a fortnight – no matter your choice of charity or the method in which you give, the gift of giving will lift your spirit, and make someone else’s day just a little bit brighter.


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