In our fast paced world with access to so much information at our fingertips it is surprising the levels of loneliness, depression and anxiety that our society faces.

Who would have thought that when we receive almost 100 emails per day, spend up to 2 hours on social media and 8-10 hours a day on a computer we are more lonely than ever before.
In an article I read recently we receive one hand written letter every 2 months in comparison to 100 emails per day. The time, energy and thought that goes into each of these hand written letters is something that is lost. The speed of texting a friend is quicker than picking up the phone and calling but are we actually really communicating with those around us or just scratching the surface.

I know personally that when I spend too much time on social media I find myself feeling a little down about other people’s holidays, beautiful families, renovated houses and picture perfect lives. Although when I have a catch up with my close friends in person (a rare event as we all have a bundle of children and busy working lives) it is an honest, open catch up with lots of laughs, sometimes a few tears and makes me feel invigorated and supported.

Part of the reason I set up my business, Happetite Food was because I myself had experienced how a thoughtful act such as sending a card, making some food or sharing a cup of tea can help with someone struggling with loneliness.

With such busy lives we quite often miss the signs of those around us who are lonely. Don’t be fooled by the number of facebook friends they have, how amazing their life looks from the outside or how much they say they are busy. Most people would be absolutely blown away by the simple act popping in for a cup of tea and bringing a sweet treat to share (homemade or store bought it doesn’t matter) and a catch up.

So my goal in April is to take notice of the people around me, ask questions that scratch the surface about how they really are and just do one kind deed a week to make someone’s day a little brighter. You just never know the impact that your act can have on someone else’s life.

Monique @ Happetite food


Eating Seasonally

Eating seasonally is a great in theory but something that has become less common as we shop in larger supermarkets and have everything available at all times of year.
My young boys were surprised when I explained the concept of seasonal eating to them recently. They had assumed that you could buy all types of food at any time of year. That is when I knew it was time that we shopped less at supermarkets and frequented the local markets a little more so that we ate more seasonal produce and they understood the concept of seasonal food.

Eating seasonally

There are so many benefits to eating seasonally;
-Food is cheaper when purchased in season
– Food in season is at its peak and tastes better
– Your menu changes with the seasons
– You are exposed to a greater variety of food
– You appreciate the change in seasons and beautiful produce that we have access to

So as we move into the colder months, our meals get a little heavier, we eat more root vegetables and enjoy slower cooked meals. I have read that this is part of our body needing to slow down a little over these cooler months and enjoy the comfort of soups, casseroles and stews. All comforting meals that assist with a little bit of nurturing.
Follow us on social media to tap into some of the amazing seasonal produce and recipes we are trialling at home and at work.


Let us know some of your own favourite recipes and post some images to show how they turned out.

See you at the market soon.
Monique @ Happetite Food


Exercise after pregnancy

Carly Simpson from Buggy Bootcamp shares some wisdom about exercise after having a baby.

What NOT to do when returning to exercise after your baby!

New mothers are complicated creatures.

We have not only exerted a mammoth amount of energy in reaching the finishing line of growing a human person, we have also birthed that baby, nurtured them, fed them, clothed them, and stayed awake for countless hours with them; worrying about them, loving them desperately, and breathing in the amazing little person we’ve created. But there is so much more to the new mum than their newborn.

Mums in general worry about so much – about how the world perceives them, about whether or not they are doing a good job, about returning to work and a whole myriad of other problems that seem to keep many of us up at night. And herein lies the problem. Most new mums don’t see themselves as the amazing, nurturing queens of motherhood that they are, instead choosing to put pressure on themselves in other ways to achieve more, to be more, to accomplish the impossible. It is not uncommon for new mums to belittle their own bodies, to curse the new shape and form they have, and to therefore jump back onto the exercise wagon without consideration for their overall health and wellbeing.

When our bodies are still recovering from the incredible job of growing and birthing a human, it is so, so important to remember to take extra care of our post-natal selves. Many Mums feel pressure to have their bodies return to pre-baby weight instantly (we don’t care what you look like at Buggy Bootcamp, it took 9 months to grow that baby, give yourself a break!) or are frustrated with the inability to exercise like they did before.

Some of us are just too exhausted to even know where to begin.

Before jumping in with a new exercise routine, read our top ‘DON’Ts’ to remember when returning to exercise after you’ve had your baby – make sure you protect yourself and your body from unnecessary harm, now and further down the track.

Buggy Bootcamp’s top DONT’s for returning to exercise:

Don’t ~ Start too soon. While it can be tempting to start at the first opportunity, you should wait for AT LEAST 6 weeks after your baby is born and only then on the advice of your GP or ideally a post-natal Physiotherapist. If you’ve had a C-section, give yourself a good 10-12-week rest period to allow for your scar tissue to heal and body to strengthen naturally.
Don’t ~ Do crunches/sit ups/twists. These abdominal exercises can exacerbate any abdominal separation (which occurs in approximately 90% of pregnancies) and set your healing progress back a few steps. Roll to the side and use your arms to get out of bed rather than sitting straight up and avoid heavy rotations (like the type of movement necessary with those annoying bad supermarket trolleys).
What NOT to do when returning to exercise after your baby!

Don’t ~ Add high impact exercise until your body (and especially your pelvic floor) is ready. Pushing your body too soon can lead to incontinence issues now or in later life, something that many Mums ignore because it ‘feels’ ok now. Hormones in the body can still make joints weak too, leaving you more prone to injury than pre-pregnancy. Listening to your professional health care providers, your trainer and your body is of paramount importance like never before!
Don’t ~ Hold your breath or lift weights that are too heavy. These can both put extra, unwanted pressure on your pelvic floor and your joints (see above!). If you want to lift weights for toning, start light and do extra repetitions, and slowly build up the weight as your trainer suggests and as your body allows.
Don’t ~ Do single leg exercises (running, steps ups, lunges) if suffering from any pelvic girdle pain. If this is the case, make sure you book an appointment with your Physiotherapist to check your pelvic alignment, and to give you the all clear before you start hopping around.
Don’t ~ Expect exercise to feel the same as it did before your pregnancy, or put too much pressure on yourself to bounce back to pre-baby fitness straight away. Be kind to yourself, you achieved an awful lot to get to where you are today and you deserve a great big pat on the back. With time, persistence and commitment, you’ll be enjoying the endorphin rush you’ve missed and your body will be strong, healthy and happy. All the rest will follow.
Wellness after you’ve become a mum, has so many facets – physical, mental and emotional. Try to remember to look after yourself by eating healthy, whole foods, which encourage healing and muscle repair. Treat yourself to a time-out as often as you can, whether it be for a walk, a bath or a nap. Ask for help if you need it, listen to your body, and remember to praise yourself for the phenomenal feat you have just achieved. You are amazing. x

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Capes and Masks off. Goodbye Supermums and hello honesty..

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Supermums, mums who have it all together, overachievers and just the super super organised. Titles like these build expectations in our minds of what we “should “ be. Enough already with the titles, superhero capes and masks.
Let’s start by being real and honest with each other – it will make all our lives a little more manageable.


As mothers and business owners we all have days where the house is filthy, we feed our family cheese on toast for dinner, there is a little too much tv watched and the washing pile is so big it takes over an entire room. So what? Days like these happen and we should just open up about them and laugh. If we could just admit that some days the business (aka the other child) takes priority over other tasks and laugh about it, then we would stop putting so much unwanted pressure on ourselves to keep up this façade of supermums who have it all “under control”.

In my head I had this idyllic vision of what it would be like once I had set up and was operating my company Happetite Food. I envisioned myself being fit and active, having a beautiful clean house, feeding my children a vast selection of healthy and amazing meals, being in complete control of my growing business as well as be a great mum, daughter, sister, friend, neighbour and all the other hats we wear. I had a lot to learn.

Some days these tasks can be achieved and others they cannot. Why do we set ourselves such high expectations? Expectations set by ourselves, rather than others, which are often so high that we are destined to let something slip. And then when they slip, in creeps “Mothers ”Guilt. Don’t we all know how that makes you feel!

Enough I say. I am not a super mum. I am just a mum working really hard to grow my business and hitting a few hurdles along the way – hurdles at home and in the business.

I have also come to realise that I have to let that superhero cape go and enjoy the madness, mess and craziness of the journey. So what if the laundry isn’t out. A walk on the beach or a massage is not something I should feel guilty about. It is an essential part of keeping ourselves together as we try and keep all other parts of our lives together.

So how about we take off the masks, the superhero capes and crazy expectations. Lets be real with each other, over a glass of wine or two and laugh about the ups and downs of the rollercoaster journey that is starting and growing a business with kids in tow.

Have an amazing week and I must go as I hear my children and my glass of wine calling to me. X

Written by Monique Treder

Founder of Happetite Food, a gift service delivering tasty comfort meals to families around Sydney, NSW, and ACT.

Taste tester, mum of 2.5 children, and lover of food.

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Why is it so hard to know what to say during times of grief?


Grief: Why do we not know what to do or say at these moments?


The musicians sing about it all the time and their words always seem to sound right so why do most of us struggle with what to say when someone close to us loses someone special.


It is part of humanity that we are born and then die. A sombre topic but even with our closest family and friends we tend not to know how to deal with this situation, what to do or to say to make it better.


In these times most people traditionally send flowers, which is a heartfelt and lovely gesture that you are thinking of them. The unfortunate thing is that when grief sets in people can hardly function so the simple tasks of everyday life get left behind.





This question quite often gets asked on social media support groups and I was really happy to see some great suggestions of support during times of grief. Some of the ideas included: shopping for groceries, getting a cleaner, having meals delivered, writing a card and even just popping around for a cup of tea and some biscuits to let them know you are there.


The reality is that there is not much you can do to take the emotional pain away but to support them during this time, assist with basic daily tasks and give them kinds words to let them know you are there will be the most amazing gift you can give. I have lost a few precious people in my life and I would personally describe it as an aching pain and hurt that you feel all over your body and you wonder if it will ever go away. Now I am not saying that I have the right things to say to people during these difficult times but I do write a lot of beautiful cards on behalf of family and friends supporting each other through these hard times.


A few beautiful words of support to help in these times:

  • Take each day at a time and always know that we are here to support you
  • The belated was a well loved person and their loss will be felt by many
  • In the beginning take little steps and with time they will get bigger
  • Perhaps write about one of your favourite stories about that person to remind then they will be with them in memories. A funny story is always a great way to share a memory
  • We are sorry for your loss and we are there for you
  • I wish I had the right words, just know I care
  • You and your loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers
  • Say nothing, just be there for comfort and a hug



Grief has and will continue to be a hard topic to write about and an even harder one to speak about. It is a sad time in people’s lives but can also be a time of people coming together to support and care for one another.


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